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  • Dena Moon

Ep6: Cassi Friz, Ministry Mom, Mother of Six

Step into the captivating narrative of Cassi Friz, wife of ministry leader Jonathan Friz of 10 Days of Prayer. She is a remarkable mother of six and beacon of encouragement to countless others. Join us as she candidly delves into her story of parenting through back-to-back pregnancies, the intricate dynamics of raising tweens and teens, and the art of establishing boundaries for herself and her children. Find the threads of God's fingerprint on her life and those of her children as we learn from her experience. 

You can support the work of Jonathan and Cassi by visiting the 10 Days of Prayer website or purchasing the new book, 10 Days: The Unlikely Story of a Global Movement Mourning for the Return of Jesus here

Find more episodes on Apple podcasts, Spotify, and Libsyn or visit our website May this episode bless you in your momming journey! 



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