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  • Dena Moon

Ep9: The Orphan Mentality with Weslea (Wells) Pierson

Join host Dena Moon on this episode as we hear from guest Mom Weslea (Wells) Pierson. Weslea is a mom, author, missionary, and minister and has recently published her first book, The Orphan Mentality: A Journey to Discover the Truth About Your Identity. Weslea shares how what she observed from working with orphans in Brazil and Haiti, shaped her understanding of an orphan mentality and addresses how to identify and step into our identity as children of God. This understanding applies to moms on our personal journeys and how we can identify these traits in our children to support them.


For more information on this teaching, you can purchase Weslea’s book or recorded teaching on her website here:


Or to purchase her book on Amazon click the link below:


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