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Dena Moon is the host of the Uplifting Real Christian Moms podcast. From her own challenging experiences as a mom, she felt strongly that stories of "momming" must be shared. 


In the Body of Christ, we are not meant to live alone but to encourage and build each other up in Jesus Christ. —Dena

That is how this podcast was born. Now Dena interviews Christian moms of various backgrounds so that we can benefit from the wisdom and experiences of others, remembering that we are not alone in the struggles and joys of parenting.


She is a mom of three, a prayer warrior, an author, a nonprofit leader, a business owner, and an art lover. Dena is blessed to live with her family, parents, and sister in beautiful New Hampshire. 


Parenting has its challenges and there are a lot of ways to approach it. If there are any particular questions or topics you'd like Dena to address in an episode, let us know by contacting us here. Though we may not be able to get to every idea shared, we will do our best to incorporate your interests or concerns. Thanks sharing!


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