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A Podcast for Christian Moms

This is a podcast where we share real stories, that glorify God, with everyday moms as we walk this journey together. Listen on any of the following platforms today!

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Latest Podcast Episodes

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Our Story

We are here for each other

At the Uplifting Real Christian Moms podcast we want to give moms a voice to tell their stories to engage, refresh, and encourage each other. To remind us that we are all in it together and we have a loving God who will see us through each day.

Listen in an be encouraged, you got this Momma!


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Momming Defined

Yes, I created a new verb. It's about time!

To Mom, or Momming

To Mom, the action of raising a child, children, or caring for others and all the challenges and joys that come with it. This is an unpaid role.

Tell us how you use this word in a sentence on our Facebook page by clicking the link below. 

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